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Welcome to Käenkoski, Parkano

Map of Käenkoski     



Experience Tourism information / reservation:

puh. +358 400 11 0303 

You can rent a bicycle from us! You can also charge or service your own bicycle when you stay here. 

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We have two Hobie double kayaks and three other kayaks with safety equipment.

You could paddle by the NATURA waterway by kayaks while watching birds or fishing.

You could paddle along the "Narrow Waters" for an excursion to "Church on the Rock" and the Forest Museum (the unit of Geopark), and from there to the large "Linnajärvi" lake. 

Fishing on one spot by a bait, ice fishing too, are everyone's right.
You could also do more fishing only with the state license fee here. 
Valuable fish (trout, perch, whitefish) are here also on the Riuttasjärvi! 
About a mile away there is the nationally famous Viinikanjoki,  
river, where you can do flyfishing (with the licence).

The area of Käenkoski has a well maintained Jogging track and also Frisbee track. (ski trail in winter)

Hiking paths take you to the interesting “Käpykintukka” and “Rantareitti” trails. It is only 15 mailes (23 km) to the National Park "Seitseminen" from Käenkoski.

After a day of outdoor activities, you can enjoy the hot Tub and freshing swim on the lake -and the floating Sauna! 
You can enjoy an evening snack at the beach Cottage.

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  • In winter, skiing on well-maintained trails in the forest or on the lake ice as the sun shines are very popular. If you brave enough, you can dip yourself into the ice hole and then run into the hot tub.
  • Just be careful - you may get addicted!


What do nature experiences cost? 

  • Excursion treats (sausanges, sandwitches and coffee / tea / juice), as well as quidance and safety equipments are included.       

  • 4:lle 250 €, 6:lle 300, 8:lle 400 € tai 10:lle 500 € 

In addition, one of the following experiences will included the same package:

1. Tour by the Floating Sauna 

Enjoy the silence of the Natura area, only the the water lapping is heard. All together, three hours, private sauna.
You can chooce daytime or the sun of the midnight summer.
This tour is available only on summer time.

2. Beach Sauna experience.

The floating sauna, the hot tube and campfire in the
beach cottage.
All private for you, on the same beach.
Only for a group of six or more people.

3. Guided Kayaking.

Kayaks are available all the time. Guided kayaking and visit in the Forest Museum. On the beach private floating sauna and the campfire in the beach cottage.
In the winter we can go and visit in the Forest Museum by fatbikes or snowshoes.

4. Guided Hiking.

We visit in the Forest Museum by hiking, by fatbikes or snowshoes. At the Forest Museum we will enjoys campfire sausages and coffee.
You´ll get warm soup as soon as we will be back.
On the beach private floating sauna and the campfire in the beach cottage.

You will more enjoy most hobbies of area of Käenkoski with your friends!             

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The map of the area of Käenkoski. You can see the railwaystation in the east and the highway number 3 in the west.

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