The terms and conditions of the lease are designed to be mutually guiding and binding. These rental terms will be respected when booking the Lomakoti Käenkoski or limited rooms of the Lomakoti Käenkoski.

If the booking starts immediately, the whole rental price will be paid into the account and a printout of the transfer will be provided upon receipt of the keys. The payment and at the same time the printout of the bank transfer can also be made on the spot via the Internet if there is a staff on site (ask by telephone). The rent can also be paid in cash.

In advance, an invoice will be sent to the customer by email or by post. The invoice will include the name and address of the Lomakoti, including directions to the area of Käenkoski, contact details, as well as the rent specification and account number. The booking is confirmed when the customer has paid at least 10% of the rent. The booking have to paid at the latest and before handing over the keys.

Cancellations must always be made in writing (letter, email). The cancellation shall be deemed to have taken place at the time when the cancellation is received. If the customer proves that the cancellation was made and sent to the correct address at the right time, the cancellation will be accepted, even if it is delayed or does not arrive at all. The cancellation will not refund the 10% prepayment.

In case of force majeure, the customer is entitled to a whole refund of the amount paid. If  the cancellation is due to the situation of the Lomakoti Käenkoski, the guest is entitled to a new corresponding accommodation reservation with a 50% rent.

The keys to the Lomakoti Käenkoski will be handed at the agreed time of arrival. The guest must follow the safety and other instructions given.

The vacation home is available to the guest upon booking, usually from 2 pm on the day of arrival to 12 noon on the day of departure. In the case of weekend and weekly bookings and longer bookings, the right to use the premises can be separately agreed in writing, by e-mail.

Reservation of whole or part of the house of Lomakoti  includes free private use of reserved space, rowing boat + safety vest, wood and gas grill. Trees, electricity and other heating materials are limited for normal use. The apartment is furnished. Completed bed linen and towels are included in the reservation. Kitchens have standard equipment available.

Cleanliness of used facilities and equipment during and at the time of booking is the responsibility of the guest. If at the end of the booking no traces have been cleaned up, the booker undertakes to pay a cleaning fee of 10% of the rental price. Inside use slippers are recommended (reserved for guests).

Maximum occupancy is the number of persons that is agreed at the time of booking. Limited reservations are always personal. The Guests, the use og the tent or caravan in the resort and area will be agreed separately, always in writing (by email).

Smoking or pets are not allowed indoors. Pets can be taken to the summer cottage for 2 persons.

The guest is obliged to compensate for any damage they have caused to the resort or its property. Damages also include breach of the terms of the lease. For lost or included keys, the customer is obligated to reimburse € 50 / key.

It is advisable to address any relevant comments and complaints directly to the owner or holder of the property as soon as they come known and at the time of booking:

LeaKatariina +358 400 110303 or majoitus(at)  THANK YOU!